Speedy Toto HK

Some people find Toto HK boring because the game takes too much time for thinking and all the bluffing stuff. If you want to make your poker games more interesting then why not put a timer in the background? If you want to play poker in a more exhilarating environment then why don’t you play poker as fast as you can.

Speedy poker can be done in several ways. First of all, you can put a timer for every action made. For instance, if it is your turn to act, you have as much as ten seconds to make your decision. In this way, there will be no one out there that will take a minute or two to make their decision. Poker is much faster and you are trained to think on your feet. You do not have the time to calculate your odds anymore. You do not have the time to think about how much you will win or how much you will lose. You rarely have the time to make an act and do a bluff. In this kind of poker game, speed is the key. If you can make decision fast then you are in the groove.

A second way of doing speedy poker is through the blinds and the antes. If you want to make your poker game interesting then why don’t you increase the blinds much faster or why not increase the antes faster. Imagine a poker game where the antes and the blinds increase every ten minutes. You are going to be putting a lot of money into the pot very quickly. In this kind of game, you might have to work your way through even with ugly cards. If the blinds are increasing so fast, the pot money will be increasing fast too. If you can take out a lot of opponents using your ugly cards then this is the kind of game for you.

The last way of doing speedy poker is by doing both. Yep, you heard me. Do both of them simultaneously. You can increase the blinds and the antes every ten minutes and you can put a timer on each player. Each player can only have a maximum of ten seconds per decision or else it is an automatic fold. If you think that you will be able to pull off acts in this fast time frame then you are really good. The chances of pulling off a bluff here can be good and bad. The game is going to fast that you are unable to make your own bluff but at the same time your other opponents are uneasy as well. They are also worrying about the time and they are also worrying about their game just like you.

The way to win at speedy poker is to be as speedy as the game. Train your mind to calculate odds fast. Train your mind to act swiftly. Most of all, always think on your toes. If you can pull these things off then speedy poker is the way to go for you.

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