Kirazu translates beans.

  • The Origin Of KIRAZU

Soy sauce, Miso and Tofu, typical elements of Japanese cuisine, have become an international metaphor for Japanese cookery, are all made from this particular bean. The beans are high in protein and low calories. The lowest percentage of obesity in developed countries.

In addition, it is a recognized isoflavones, which prevents lifestyle related illnesses, as has been demonstrated in Japan which currently has the highest life expectancy in the world.

Kirazu is a fusion; the skill and wisdom of Japanese nutrition and seasoning with the healthy bean. Our motto speak for itself; “Kirazu, not a dish for special occasions, but as part of a healthy diet” Using the traditional techniques of Japanese cuisine, we deliver healthy and delicious Japanese-style dishes.

  • The Space Of KIRAZU

Made from beans, Soy-sauce and miso are indispensable qualities of Japanese food. These seasonings are made and aged in olden wooden barrels over a time of years.

Even the tables, chairs and the furniture in Kirazu are a reflection of the barrel-material used at the time.

The atmosphere gives customers a feel of comfort, while feeling the passage of time and space once actively used by skilled craftsmen.